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What makes AMZ WordSpy a revolutionary tool for all your
Amazon keyword research

Discover keywords driven by Relevance

Remove the noise by gaining access to the most powerful keywords for your product prioritized by relevancy and search velocity.

Ranking specific to Amazon’s A9 search algorithm

Most tools provide estimates based on external search history. AMZ WordSpy speaks directly to Amazon and determines customer traffic on individual keyword segments, replicating Amazon’s autocomplete results.

Analyze better

We design to fit all your needs

Tailored for optimal PPC campaigns

Displays a methodical combination of high-density and long-tail keywords for placement in PPC advertisement and confirmed to yield desired sales.

Group, plug and optimize

Filtered to remove duplicates, the tool has extensive options to build customized groups of keywords, selected in accordance with search term limits and backend optimization.

Take the guesswork out of Keyword research

Showcasing the most up to date trends in the market, AMZ WordSpy only generates quality rich keyword lists to give you a definite competitive advantage.

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